Dono Schabner

Dono Schabner plays the awe-inspiring lead guitar on-stage and on all the Rambler recordings. If you have not seen or heard Dono at one of our live shows, maybe you have already marveled at his sterling lead guitar performances on our five recent CD projects.

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Dono Schabner is one of those rare musicians who can play any style of music without breaking a sweat. Maybe it’s because he started playing guitar at the age of 12 in Italian weddings bands in his Long Island hometown. Maybe it’s because he has a wicked good ear and the fingers to make it happen. Maybe it’s that beautiful vintage Gibson hollow-body guitar he has been bringing to gigs lately. Or maybe it’s the way he makes that magical connection from his heart through his fingers on his Fender Telecaster. Whichever it is, it sure works like a well-oiled, soulful music machine on the Rambler stage when his solos come around! 

And Dono is the all-important third piece of the section work that pushes the rhythm and the melody so prominently to the front in the Western Swing style of music. Dono also chips in on vocal harmonies when needed.

Dono lives in Morrisville and works in the Northeast Kingdom as an educational techie between musical gigs with a variety of Vermont musicians, including Will Patton, The Vermont Jazz Ensemble and Lewis Franco The Missing Cats.