Our Music

Thanks to Western Swing DJs from around the world and after 57 years of performing, the music of Rick & The All-Star Ramblers Western Swing Band is now being heard beyond the borders of our treasured home state of Vermont. We are thrilled and humbled to hear our songs beaming back here to Rambler Ranch from Lubbock, TX, Tulsa, OK, Lompac, CA and even London, England and Madrid, Spain these days as well as on our local and regional radio.

Have A Listen:

We deeply appreciate the Western Swing affinity groups and their followers, especially The Academy of Western Artists (AWA) from Gene Autry, OK, for the recognition we are receiving these days for our music. Rick & The All-Star Ramblers have been final five nominees for the AWA’s “Western Swing Song of the Year,” “Western Swing Album of the Year” and four times for “Western Swing Duo/Group of the Year” awards. In 2019, our Rambler songbird Taryn Noelle was named the AWA “Female Vocalist of the Year” and Taryn has been nominated for that honor for the second year in a row for 2020 honors. The Rambers’ song “You Can’t Make It Up,” as heard on the CDs “Riding My Guitar” and “Welcome To OUR Vermont/2,” won the Academy of Western Artists “Western Swing Song of the Year” honors in 2015. This national acceptance of our music has meant the world to us. 

But the reality is that we are just a small regional band and we mostly play within a three hour circle of Burlington, Vermont. Our records are only available at our shows here in Vermont and on a limited basis on-line. If you like our music (and who wouldn’t?), please consider purchasing our records here on our web site and please consider sharing our music with your family and your friends. That’s why we love to play our music and that’s how we make lots of friends. Thank You and keep listening.


Call (802) 355-3531 or email at [email protected] for Availability & Booking details for Rick & The All-Star Ramblers Western Swing Band or for Rick Norcross solo appearances for your special event.