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NEW ALBUM FOR MAY 2020 Release: What would you do if, when the time came to sell your beloved tour bus after 22 years of faithful service, an angel steps forward, buys “The Mighty Pickle” and donates her to Marty Stuart’s Congress of Country Music Museum in Philadelphia, Mississippi? You write a heartfelt tribute song, record a new album dedicated to “The Mighty Pickle” and share this amazing story with the world. That’s what you do! 

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$15.00 plus $3.00 shipping fee – for 5 song preliminary release.

NOTE: When the CD is completed with additional songs, anyone who buys the EP at $15 will receive a copy of the full length Pickle CD sent to them upon release in the early Summer at no additional charge.

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Listen to Short Clips from God Bless The Mighty Pickle:

God Bless The Mighty Pickle
Help Us Find Our Song
Out In The Cold
Shame On You
They Go Faster

Taryn Noelle Swings

Taryn Noelle Swings CD Cover - Celebrating 10 Years with Rick And The All Star Ramblers Western Swing Band.
Back Cover of CD Taryn Noelle Swings with song list

“Taryn Noelle Swings” is a musical tribute to female vocalist, Taryn Noelle, and is an album made up entirely of her most requested songs. “Taryn Noelle Swings” is a celebration honoring Taryn for more than a decade of stellar performances with Rick & The All-Star Ramblers Western Swing Band throughout the region. 

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Listen to Short Clips from Taryn Noelle Swings:

Full Moon Of Love
I’ll Get Over You
Swing Of The Range
The Best Things In Life

Taryn was invited to join the Ramblers in the Summer of 2007 and, along with her nearly 100 live concert performances with the band, has been featured on four previous Rick & The Ramblers CD releases prior to this album showcasing her heart-melting vocals. “Taryn Noelle Swings” is her first Airflyte Records release and is a true “Best Of” compilation of her most popular recorded performances with the Ramblers.


Green Mountain Standard Time CD Cover - Rick and the All Star Ramblers Western Swing Band.

“Green Mountain Standard Time” is a masterful collection of 11 western swing songs and a strong follow-up to last year’s national “Western Swing Song of the Year” award from their previous CD release, “Riding My Guitar,” celebratng Rick’s 50 year music career. 

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Five of the “Green Mountain Standard Time” songs, along with two additional co-writes, were written by band leader Rick Norcross. They continue his signature and slightly off-center approach with songs like “Don’t Do Me Like That With Your Cowboy Hat” and “I’m Gonna Take It With Me When I Go.” 

There are two history themed songs. “Shelburne Yesterday” is a sharply focused snapshot of a small Vermont town in the 1950s which recalls many of the same experiences and memories shared by any small town resident during that time in America. “I Love Western Swing” is a tribute to the Founder, the Father and the King of Western Swing, a genre that began in Fort Worth, Texas in the early ’30s.

Here four tasty covers, including Hank Williams’ only western swing recording, his 1947 dismal failure, “Fly Trouble,” already creating a “buzz” from those who have heard the Ramblers’ version. The mighty Ramblers take a spirited instrumental ride on “Texoma Bound,” a terrific Time Jumpers’ finger-bender. Rambler songbird Taryn Noelle delivers a stunning vocal performance on “I’ll Get Over You,” a haunting Richard Leigh song originally recorded by Loretta Lynn’s kid sister, Crystal Gayle in 1976. And further down the album, Taryn nails the classic “I’m A Blue Baby Now,” released in the early ‘80s by The Whites.

Longtime Rambler vocalist and bass player, Dave Rowell steps up to smoothly deliver the gospel-tinged “They Say You Can’t Take It With You (When You Go),” complete with a Hammond B-3 organ accompaniment. This song respectfully celebrates many of the things you can and do take with you when you go.

The title track, “Green Mountain Standard Time,” is a co-write that came to the project from longtime Canadian songwriting pal, Grant Heywood. The retro-sounding track tells the story of the 54-year long music career of Rick Norcross and what it means to sing in Green Mountain Standard Time. 

What Other Folks Say:  

Great job on Texoma Bound!  I really enjoyed your version of my song. It’s always an honor to have one of your songs recorded by someone else and I am glad you are performing it.  Congrats on your awards!  Keep up the great work!” Larry Franklin, writer of “Texoma Bound,” member , The Time Jumpers, Nashville

“Rick – Thank you for including my tune “Lost in Austin” on your latest splendid effort. I am grateful for your addition of the stellar third verse to my tune. I have incorporated it into my own performances. Yer fan, Panama” The Legendary Panama Red, writer of “Lost In Austin,” Nashville

“Rick, your new album sounds GREAT!  I would like to play a LOT more of it on my show. We really should record an interview, so we can produce a nice profile, weaving your music through it.  Congratulations on a really fun album!”  Barb Heller, Host of North Country Public Radio’s “String Fever” Show

Rick – I played “Fly Trouble” this morning… as they used to say back in the vinyl days, drop the needle anywhere… this record is that good!!!” 
Jack Donovan, Host of “Outlaw Country Saturday,” WDEV Radio Vermont 

 “Rick, Thanks so much for sending along your wonderful new CD. I personally think that it is the best of them all but you know my partiality. I will of course be using all of the cuts on future “Swingin’ West” shows.  I am writing a review of the CD to get out to the publications and on to my website right away to get it that kind of publicity. Good luck with the new album.” Mike Gross, Host of “Swingin’ West,” KSEY-FM Seymour, TX  

“It’s virtually impossible not to smile, tap your feet, and let the cares of life melt under the two-step beat of this style of music, especially when Norcross and his crew are performing. Norcross and the Ramblers are staples of the music scene in Vermont and have been for several decades. Norcross has established himself as a fine vocalist, songwriter, raconteur and all-around good guy. He’s kept Texas swing alive in this state and done a lot of performing for good causes.” Art Edelstein, GMST CD Review, Barre Times Argus/Rutland Herald

Welcome To OUR Vermont

Welcome To OUR Vermont CD Cover by Rick and the All Star Ramblers Western Swing Band.

Rick Norcross is a songwriter. He writes about what he knows and loves, his life and times in our Vermont. At the urging of executive producer Dan Dubonnet, “Welcome To OUR Vermont” was re-released with three new songs, a new cover design and was released with support from the Vermont Travel & Tourism Department and the Agency of Agriculture who joined the party to share in this musical tour of Vermont. Each CD includes a “Welcome To OUR Vermont” post card.

Purchase “Welcome To OUR Vermont”
$15.00 plus $3.00 shipping fee.

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Hall of Fame Western Swing DJ Billy Bowles announced The Academy of Western Artists’(AWA) finalist nominees for the 22nd annual Will Rogers Awards on his Swinging Country Radio Show on KSSL-FM in Lubbock, Texas. in January of 2018. He revealed that Rick & The All-Star Ramblers were nominated by Western Swing DJs from around the world as one of five finalists in two AWA award categories, “Western Swing Album of the Year” for the 2017 CD release, “Welcome To OUR Vermont” and as finalists for “Western Swing Duo/Group of the Year” honors.)

“Welcome To OUR Vermont” is a musical journey consisting of 14 slightly off-center tunes that paint a musical picture of a Vermont seen through the eyes of Rick Norcross, one of Vermont’s most beloved touring artists. He is accompanied by his longtime stellar seven piece group, Rick & The-All Star Ramblers Western Swing Band. The tunes are sometimes wacky, often hilarious and always infused with Rick’s heartfelt love of the Green Mountain State shining brightly through. 

The front “post card” cover Welcomes listeners to Vermont and the back cover features a map pinpointing where each Vermont song originated, each telling a true story.

Rick’s very best Vermont songs have been carefuly selected from his past seven albums, the earliest one recorded in 1991, Vermont’s official Bicentennial song, “You Can’t Get There From Here,” all the way up to several present day selections from his latest CD “Green Mountain Standard Time,” released just a few months ago to stellar reviews. 

In addition to the Ramblers, there are performances by 36 of Vermont’s finest musicians on these tracks, including Paul Asbell, Banjo Dan Lindner, Larry Beaudry, Big Joe Burrell, Tom Buckley, Alan Davis, Chuck Eller, Chris Peterman, Dave Grippo, Amber deLaurentis, Juliet McVicker, LeRoy Preston, Peter Riley, Chip Wilson and many other familiar and respected Vermont players.

“Welcome To OUR Vermont” contains eleven of his most requested songs, remastered and updated, along with the added bonus of three brand new songs written especially for this project, “Welcome To OUR Vermont,” “Hardwick 1961” and “Here’s Yer Hat, What’s Yer Hurry.”

Vermont country music star and Nashville recording artist, Jamie Lee Thurston came home from Music City, USA for a special vocal appearance on two of the new songs, “Welcome To OUR Vermont” and “Hardwick 1961.”

Hear Rick’s ode to famed Vermont folk artist Woody Jackson, “Paint It Like A Cow,” four road songs, “You’re In Heaven (Cruising Up Route 7),”  “A Grill, A Bumper, Four Headlights & A $50 Bill” (as heard on National Public Radio’s Car Talk), “I Heard The Highway,” the only non-Norcross tune on the CD, written by Vermonter, Asleep At The Wheel founding member and mentor, LeRoy Preston, and “Green Mountain Standard Time,” the title track on onr of the Ramblers’ recent CDs.

Vermont history comes alive in the fact-filled, “I Rode The Ti,” the story of the magnificent Lake Champlain steamboat Ticonderoga, moved two miles overland to the Shelburne Museum in 1955. Rick was on the ceremonial last voyage of the Ti on November 6th, 1954 at nine years of age and in 1998 was invited back to produce The Ticonderoga Party celebrating the unveiling of the McClure Restoration of the Ti which brought over 7,000 people to the Museum to participate in the historic event. “Shelburne Yesterday” is a detailed snapshot of life in small town Shelburne in the mid-50s at the same time the Ti was moved. 

And three of his best songs tell the story of leaving home to understand the value of life in Vermont, “What Goes Around,” “Riding My Guitar” and “Green Mountain Standard Time.”

His most requested song, “You Can’t Make It Up,” relives the memorable experience of buying a formaldehyde-infused corsage at Harold Holcomb’s Funeral Home in Hardwick, the only flower shop in town, for a date to the 1962 Hardwick Academy Junior Prom. That song was named “Western Swing Song of the Year” by The Academy of Western Artists and quickly enjoyed world-wide radio and internet airplay as a result.

Rick has made more than 1,000 concert performances over the past 55 years, singing his Vermont songs and telling his Vermont stories all over the world. Both the magnificent Hotel Vermont and the Courtyard Burlington Harbor Hotel, next door in downtown Burlington, have purchased 500 “Welcome To OUR Vermont” CDs to place in all their rooms as gifts to their guests.complimentary souvenirs.

 What Others Say

“Rick & The All-Star Ramblers Western Swing Band is an important element in the musical fabric of Vermont. Rick & The Ramblers have finished their summer/fall season the last few years to sold out, standing room only crowds at Hotel Vermont. We are proud to provide a complimentary “Welcome To OUR Vermont” CD to all guests staying at Hotel Vermont and the Courtyard Burlington Harbor. To Rick & The All-Star Ramblers Western Swing Band – Thank You for the Great Music Celebrating All of Vermont!”
 …Joe Carton, Chief Operating Officer, Westport Hospitality

“Rick Norcross’s Welcome to OUR Vermont CD is actually a musical tour of our beautiful state, filled with stories that highlight a lifetime of adventures from Vermont’s most storied Western Swing Musician and Songwriter!”  
…Dan Dubonnet, Senior VP & GM,  WOKO/WKOL/WJOY/WIZN/WBTZ 

“Wonderful conclusion to another great Discover Jazz Festival: Rick & The Ramblers Western Swing Band at Leunig’s Bistro Performance Tent on the Marketplace. Thanks Bob Conlon and the Leunig’s crew for the perfect venue and to the Ramblers for their timelessly wonderful music.”  
 …Joel Najman, host of Vermont Public Radio’s “My Place”